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XenonDepot at the 2010 SEMA Show!

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Hi everyone,

The 2010 SEMA show is fast approaching! XenonDepot will be making an appearance this year and will be taking a lot of pictures of all the cool new products and vehicles. Please be sure to subscribe to our Blog to receive updates on this years SEMA show. We will be posting lots of awesome photos daily so be sure you don't miss it! Subscribe to our blog today!

Last year's SEMA show went great and we took a lot of awesome pics. Here are a few -

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I have a few friends that will be there. Mike Wilkes, doing photography and writing, and Chris Duke, host of I wish I could go, the closest I've been was having a vehicle I helped design and build get there, it actually made the top 10 1/2 in 2006,Top%2010%20List

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subscribed, Steve.......hope you have a great time there tho I'm sure it will be busy for you.
Wish I could go too.

Thanks guys! RyansQuick6 - Wow. That's It's really cool how you guys designed the audio to look like an engine!
The golf cart was designed to match the truck that I massaged a little bit

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Wow! Very impressive.

Off topic: What exactly is a French Video & Kiss Boutique? :)
Lol, everyone ask that. It was one of our neighbors, and I'll let you guess what they sold there lol We also had an "Oriental Spa" next door. Such a nice little retail complex lol

Our customers found ways to stay occupied while waiting though lol
2010 SEMA show is going great! Pictures will be following shortly!
The SEMA show 2010 pictures are here and they are awesome! If you want to see more be sure to check out our Blog. Don't forget to subscribe for a chance to win a FREE iPad!

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As much as I kinda like it, I'll never understand the Lexus racecar. The front is S2000/ferrari, and the rear is a gillardo, with an Aston Martin in between. For being so stylish and expensive, it's a shame it wasnt original
I just wanted them to start it so that I can listen. Unfortunately that didn't happen :-(
This is what happened when I saw that new Lexus super car...

Lmao yes he is.
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