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Just got a 64GB I-Pad for road-trips with the CT (yes, for the passengers :), so I had to get something for mobile WI-FI while traveling. I already had Verizon's USB727 modem for my laptop, but needed a wireless router (the I-Pad only gets WI-FI). Got a Cradlepoint CTR500 WI-FI router and 12v adapter.

This little router is about the size of a deck of cards, so it actually fits right in the console and provides an outstanding WI-FI signal to the entire car. Also bought a Wilson external antenna that boosts the cell signal in fringe areas. Don't need it all the time, so I opted for the small magnetic-mount (so I can take it off) antenna that sits about 1 foot forward of the CT's stock antenna, and the tiny coax cable for the antenna goes into the CT via the back hatch seam. Works like a champ!
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