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Did anyone had a whining noise coming from the engine compartment? It’s more perceptive when the car is in park, reverse or neutral, I hope that the problem it’s not the transmission. It seems that the starter it’s a pretty common issue on the Crosstour, would that be one of the reasons of the whining noise?
Just did the timing belt couple weeks ago so I don’t think that it’s a timing belt issue. the noise started a day after i changed the engine oil and filter.
for what i've searched online it seems that the noise may be some bearing or a transmission filter clogged...
let me know what you guys think, also if anyone had the same issue let me know the solutions...
another thing that i think its worth mention is that the transmission shifts very normal i don't feel any changes shifting at all.
here its video from the noise and possible locations : VEED - 10000000_6045697615480223_103653757969722190_n.mp4

95.350 miles
changed the spark plugs a month ago
timing belt about 20 days ago
engine oil change 4 days ago

never did the starter as i know it has a bulletin service for it (16-002) :
i heard the the ac compressor pulley or starter pulley can fail on these hondas.

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If it were my car, I would remove the serpentine belt and then start it again to see if the noise is there. Don't run it for more than about 30 seconds without a belt. You could also purchase a automotive stethoscope off Ebay or Amazon for less than $10. That would also aid in identifying where the noise is coming from.
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