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What is this weird stopper thing in the floor?

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Working on fixing a hole in the floor, beneath my glove box. The piece I am repairing has a roughly 2 inch intentional hole that was plugged up by a piece of black plastic with a stiff white gasket around it, which I will refer to as simply "the stopper" until someone can give me a more accurate name for it.

The gasket on the stopper is quite warped now, and I expect I will not be able to reuse it. I tried digging through diagrams on Honda parts websites, but can't find anything that looks even vaguely like a match for the stopper or its gasket. Assuming this is actually an Accord/Crosstour part, what is the purpose of this hole and the stopper, and what is the name and part number to replace it?

This same spot in the floor has clearly been patched up before. So I could certainly imagine the patch came from some entirely different car model, and just brought this stopper along with it. So, "that's definitely not from a Crosstour" would certainly still be a helpful answer. In that case, I can just patch over where the stopper was, and move on without worry. (Though I would still be curious about what's its purpose is, if anyone can guess where the patch came from.)

Images show:
1. The hole in the floor and the passenger door speaker for perspective, with the stopper (hard to see) sitting where it would be installed.
2. Close-up of the stopper sitting where it would be installed. (I might have the stopper facing backward? I removed it in the dark while quickly hammering the damaged floor down enough to at least cover the hole with the carpet.)
3. The hole the stopper would fill, with the stopper removed.
4. The opposite side of the stopper.


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Theres always the option of just lifting from the side along the pinch weld to the height you want and putting a jackstand in, then doing it to the other side, that is definitely the safest method for lifting the rear with a jack. If you go that route just lift and support the rear first, and then lift up the front and support it (once your floor is back to one piece). Ramps are also a good option I always forget about mainly cause I don’t own any.

I know the exhaust hangers are mainly vibration dampeners much like engine mounts but the exhaust is something that shouldn’t be solid against the car, much like the engine. The engine moves when it revs and the exhaust has to mimic that slightly even if both are connected with sturdy rubber mounts.

Lifting at the rear subframe from right behind that wheel is a bad idea, especially on the surface you’re working with. The jack won’t be able to settle into place by rolling itself around. I don’t even know how this thread came to lifting the entire rear of the car like this but if you‘re working in the front right is it even necessary?

And I get the unintended feeling of coming across as angry or argumentative, I think thats just a side effect of being descriptive and to the point in an essence, its no big deal.

However you get your job done, do it safe, or at least as cautiously as possible if it’s not.
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but if you want to try then I would only suggest doing it from the back in the middle for the most stability.
Yeah. I think for now I will try the point farther forward. It will take annoyingly long to lift because of the tire rack in the way of pumping the jack, but there's nothing in the way of making clean contact. That beam looks a lot more solid to me anyway than the one we've been talking about so much.

It should still be a big improvement over lifting one side at a time from just behind the official jack points.
I don’t even know how this thread came to lifting the entire rear of the car like this but if you‘re working in the front right is it even necessary?
Because you asked how the floor got damaged.

Floor had a jack stand punched through it when I made a mess of lifting the back from behind the rear jack points, while the front (side) jack points were already on stands (from lifting at front-center). So, I got very interested when you started talking about lifting the whole back from the center.
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