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What aftermarket radio would look like in CT...

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Here are a few pics of the aftermarket radio we have installed in the coupe... Pretty much the same way it would look in the CT... As you can see lost factory clock but the climate controls still work... The rearview mirror has a compass so I didn't lose that... 2010 coupe did not bring usb as an option which was a welcome change with the head unit... all of the speakers and tweeters have been replaced... The two amps are behind the sub, one attached to the box and the other attached to the back seat along with the capacitor... That single 12 produced way more than enough bass so a second one was not needed... The head unit allows full control of the amps and subwoofer as well... Wanna clean it up a little bit but will worry about that later... Sounds fierce lol...

I am aware it is a hate it or love it look lol... But this is just in case anyone was curious as to how it would look...


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Looks clean Pedro, and I bet it sounds excellent. Who did that install?

That's on your bro's coupe right?.. That box in the back could be made to fit in the hidden compartment in our CT to save space should the system be installed.

Hey C.,

Thanks a lot! Yea I say his but its more like ours lol... We interchange quite a bit lol... And the system is something we both went in on lol... I like the CT more for its comfortable interior and practicality so I took over the CT... but I drive this car when I want to beast on music or be extra flashy lol... It looks every clean and simplifies the dash a lot... We had it installed by a local shop and I actually became friends with the installer so I should be getting hook ups from now on lol... I pretty much sat through the whole process to see what it takes to actually do a system like this... The hardest part is running wires... This system would sound much better in the CT because it's a hatch... We did it on the coupe first because the CT sound system is better off the bat for many reasons lol... we looked into putting a sub in the stock location but he said all that stuff I explained in the other post about needing an amp and messing up the ANC. He also said I couldn't go too big because there's not much space behind the sub... He cant fully tell me until he takes the sub out, which requires removing more panels than he was willing to do just "to take a look" lol
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I'm 99% sure that the Accord and CT dashes are the EXACT same, good post!
Lol... Literally the only difference I can see in the entire front area is the silver trim instead of wood trim, the gauges, and at night the climate controls light up a light bluish green color... all cosmetic and completely interchangeable lol...
Did your brother lose the steering wheel controls with this change? Looks good btw
Thanks a lot. Yea we still have the steering wheel controls but we had to buy a module that allows us to still be able to use it with the new radio.
Was thinking of doing this over the winter??
If you dont mind me asking what was the full cost of the install??

Finally a pic that shows what a nice double din looks like installed. I was planning on doing this next. I installed an amp in my crosstour and sub. the ANC did make the amp go crazy but I did some searching and found that there is simply a plug on the back of the factory deck that controls it. Once unplugged the problem stops. I tried to see if there was a noise difference without the ANC but I could never tell the differnece. Oh and in case anyone has tried disconnecting the ANC mics located on the sunroon controll and in the rear of the headliner it does NOT work.
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