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Very Detailed Breakdown Of the CTs suspension

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This was posted on the other Accord forum regarding the CTs suspension. For the few interested in dropping the CT, the bolt patterns on the coilovers for the Accord sedan, coupe, and CT seem to be the same BUT must buy heavier springs. Using those coils and looking at how low the coupes are I'm not so sure about getting coils. Pretty cool how everything works under there...
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Excellent - thanks for posting the info. I'm @ the beach w/ buds and one of them thinks the CT (wheelbase 110") is riding on the same chassis as the CR-V (wheelbase ~103").
Lol no problem
Nice breakdown of the suspension and 4WD system. I would say I am looking foward to trying out the 4WD when it snows but I'm still not looking foward to the snow.
I can't wait to shovel paths ::sacarstic thumbs up:: lol
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