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VCM Muzzler info

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Hi All,

I bought a 2010 3.5 V6 AWD with eco system 3 weeks ago.

The car has 197k miles and the one previous owner never overrode the eco system.

Q, would the general recommendation be to add a VCM tuner or continue without?
Q, Where can you buy a VCM Muzzler from?

Much appreciate your advise in this.
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The VCM Muzzler or VCM Muzzler II is a small electronic device that causes your vehicle to run all six cylinders ALL THE TIME, instead of dropping to 4 and then 3 cylinders to save gasoline. Yes, this is a gas-saving feature (or perhaps a gas-saving problem) for this car. I installed a VCM Muzzler II on my 3.5-liter engine when under 10,000 miles since I’m a mechanic and have seen way too many 3.5 engines piston rings get worn out due to the VCM. It is a great device to help ensure your engine lasts a long time.
PROs = Engine last longer. Engine piston rings last longer. Helps prevent future oil usage. Motor mounts will last longer.
CONs = Costs about $90. Takes about 20 minutes to install. Pretty much plug-and-play. Will cost you very slightly worse gas mileage. I was getting 24 mpg and afterward was getting between 22 and 23 MPG.

To answer your questions:

Yes, I would still opt for using a VCM Muzzler, or better the VCM Muzzler II.
You can purchase this product on eBay or Amazon, new for around $90. You might also be able to find used for half the price. Since there are really no parts to wear out, used should not be a problem.
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Hey Crash Master,

Huge thanks for your response, appreciate the info, I'll be sure to install a VCM Muzzler asap. I'd rather spend money at the pump than at the mechanics!

I've never seen the Honda Crosstour before moving to the U.S. 3 months ago, I really like this car and the design, I'm not sure why Honda gave up on it so soon, I feel it was ahead of its time!

Thanks again, Gav from London!
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