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10 EX-L 4WD (no nav) Alabaster Silver
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Hey all, having trouble finding a good guide for this so i should probably create a new post for it

I have four of the five bolts that connect the front transfer case to the transmission, my question is how do you get at the top one
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This picture makes it look like theres a lot of room but no combination of extensions could get me in the small gap between the case and the flex pipe, I'm still in the process of removing the engine and dont have any of the rusted exhaust hardware out yet, is that my next move before i do this? cause im really not looking forward to that, you cant call these nuts and bolts anymore
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all 9 of these nuts look like this. pictured is one of the 3 on the front cat to flex pipe. id actually say the ones on the lower cat to flex pipe are worse. gotta love wisconsin
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