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Trailer Hitch Harness

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I have a 2012 CT-EXL that I bought in the fall of 2021 (Midnight Blue, Black interior, 107,000 miles). I want to install a trailer hitch on it and I am doing initial research on either doing it myself or getting it done somewhere that installs them. According to the CT shop manual and posts on this forum, a connector for the trailer lights in a 2012 model is located behind the body panel in the rear cargo area on the left (drivers) side. I removed the storage bin on that side, looked up behind the panel and took a picture of what I think is that connector. I am including that picture to get confirmation from someone who has done this before. I did not cut the protective tape off of it yet, till I can take the body panel off to get to it better.
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Did you find your connector? I have installed one and will take a pic if you need it
Here are some photos of my 2012 harness , you can see the connector is blue under the aft section of trim kind of hidden


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Thanks for the pictures. I do have a question. In the attached screen shot from the web page it shows what looks like a 2 part harness. Do I need that big harness with all the connections hanging off of it, or just that little one that goes to the trailer connection? View attachment 10181 View attachment 10181
Not sure. Bought my set up from a trailer service dealer. It’s just a four wire standard harness
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