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Took my last test drive...

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I had to take one more test drive last evening, to make absolutely sure that the CT is the car for me, especially with the concern of visibility. I now know for sure that this is definitely the car for me!! I found the visibility (with the exception of the rear window) to be absolutely better than my '01 Toyota Tundra, when looking out to the side and towards the back. What used to be a blind spot with the Tundra, coming down off of the road I live on and yielding to a road that this one joins, was completely visible, with the CT (big relief...). And, what a comfortable and luxurious ride, not to mention the great sounding stereo!
Now, I just need to see how good of a deal I can get on an EX-L 4wd with Nav... ;-)

- Tim
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What else did you drive besides Tundra to make this decision?
Actually, the Tundra is my current vehicle (2001). I haven't even checked out anything else in person, sinceI did all my checking online, but with a huge desire to get a CrossTour. - Its a combination of the cars looks, the AWD, Honda's reputation and all the high tech features that had me hooked from the beginning... :D
I was suspicious of the visibility as well and I can say that the rear view is usually better than I would have expected especially if you are average height (I am 5'-10"). I say usually because where it really falls off is at night when it is raining or snowing. When there is rain or snow on that rear window at night I find it almost impossible to see out back. I'm going by feel at that point. If you're going for the Nav option though you shouldnt have any issues. All other site lines are fine.

The ride is fantastic and so is the sound system. I hope you're not a home handyman though, personally, that is my biggest disapointment.
I worried excessively about the poor visibility and it was almost a deal breaker for me. I feel a little foolish about that now because it hasn't been any problem at all. I suppose I should have known that visibility wasn't all that big an issue; I once owned a pickup truck with a camper shell on it and drove it all over the United States and Mexico, sometimes pulling a boat, with no problems. By the time I had driven the Crosstour less than an hour, I had more or less forgotten about the visibility problem.
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