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This book is dedicated to Hanno Jenkins who has Cancer of the spine and kidney. Hanno did not have health insurance to cover these conditions and a raffle of some very expensive tackle was held in Lyons CO to help defray some of the out of pocket expenses associated with this, during the surgery on his spine three disks disintegrated and he needed to fitted with a titanium tube to hod his spine together. The next surgery will be to remove his effected kidney.

Although the outlook is not positive at this point he is responding well to radiation therapy and chemotherapy is in his immediate future. The Jenkins have secured insurance that will help more but the continued out of pocket expenses will still be quite staggering.

My publisher, Dr. Todd Larson of Whitefish Press, has donated the cost of having the book "The Magic of Bamboo" published and the release date will be on or around Dec. 14. All of the authors, myself included, have donated the stories for the book and the entire proceeds from the sale of the book will go to Hanno Jenkins for his medical expenses. If you can find it in your heart to help by buying the book it would be most appreciated, thank you all and Happy Thanksgiving.

Link to the book is
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