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Hey all what's your take on this Forum??? . Mine is a # 1 kudos to forum members and mod's it's gotta be one of the best that i've been on. What I like is no bashing of others and also no bashing of other vehicle makes and models and WOW so far TROLL free. Now your 2 bit's worth on this topic.
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Reminds me of another forum I'm involved with in its early days some 8 years ago: G35Driver.
Comraderie was high, arguing was non existent, and fun was off the charts.

I like small forums.

def like watching this fourm grow more and more each week!
A GREAT forum. Everyone is friendly, and helpful. I expecially love thoes that post their phots to illustrate modifications, add-ons, and more. Everyone is has the samething is common. Richard :)
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I like participating here - I also visit some other Honda Forums and they have nothing good to say about our beloved CT - so I'll stay here!

It is nice to see the numbers growing - it's like we're in this little club.
This is definately an easy site to moderate, so I really like it. I love seeing the active members growing greater and greater everyday.
How adding a "keyword" search box so we can quickly find stuff in the forums?
On another forum that I belong to, I get a daily posting of all the posts made by members from the day before. I don't have to go searching for what's been written. The posts are entered into different categories and I can sign up for those categories I'm interested in reading about. Can you do that here?
It falls into the subscription areas in the usercp. I just click on the "active topics" tab so I can see all new/updated topics.

I have to go through all of them anyway just to make sure everything is on the up and up, so my needs are probably a little different than most.
I belong to the turbodieselregister, A forum for Dodge Cummins diesel pickups. SUch great people and soooo much help. Although I always sat in the background and never posted, it was the determing factor for my buying one and a tremendous help through the years.
On the other hand, this is a a very young site, with a smaller membership. It seem to be forming up very well. I have great expectations for its future and hope to depend on it for all future upgrades and maintanence and maybe make a few friends in the way. Hope I can be of help.
I agree I like the fact no one bashes others and everyone seems to get along,very nice !! way to go everyone .:)
We had a few snags and bumps early on, but it seems to have worked out very well. I'm now the sole moderator, other than the guy that owns the site, so it's definately been a relief for me lol

I love it when the members all help each other, and all I have to do is skim the threads to make sure there's nothing inappropriate, which is rarely ever an issue, since I try not to censor anyone unless absolutely necessary.
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