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2014 Honda Crosstour EX-L V6 4WD
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I've had my 2014 Crosstour since it was new, but have never really made any modifications to it. I added some Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 255/55ZR18 to the stock rims last year and they improved the driving feel so much. I just ordered the Acura TL AWD rear sway bar (25300-TK5-A02) and the WRX KartBoy links, so I am excited for those to arrive.

I also have felt that the brakes are horrible. I warped the OEM brakes within the first three months of owning the car. I replaced them with PowerStop drilled/slotted rotors with their pads and they have been fine since. I still get a spongy pedal feel from them, though. I'm going to be doing another brake fluid flush soon to see if that makes a difference. If that doesn't work, I've been considering a BBK upgrade. I saw PB Brakes sells kits (link) for the Crosstour, but at the configuration I want, it's nearly $5k with shipping! Has anyone tried them?

Through some searching, I found that there are some Brembo brakes that fit the front axle directly and just need to get different rotors. There are also brackets for the rear to upgrade to a 13" rotor from the OEM 11" rotor. I might end up going this route as it's much cheaper.

I noticed that PB Brakes also had coilovers for the Crosstour. Looking at them, they look like Ksport coilovers. Normally I would stay away since those are usually made for the Accords which are lighter, but the spring rates listed on their site are 10kg and 12kg (link), so they must have them customized for the Crosstour. Has anyone tried these? I'm on the fence about these since the last time I had Ksports the ride was pretty harsh...and I'm in the Chicago area and the roads aren't great.

Anybody else near the Chicago area?

EDIT: After digging more through old threads, it looks like 10k at the front is too low and 12k rears would be too high?
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