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Ok, 2010 Crosstour which I have had for 10 years this summer. When I bought it, I had an Android. No issues. A few years ago, I switched to the iPhone and my music became impossible. Ok, NPR it is. This car has so many speakers and rich sound, I just want freedom to play what I want.
other Posts have said “have one iTunes song in your library, and you can play other media”. iTunes has now been phased out, and Apple Music doesn’t solve the issue (I tried). Anybody have that same issue playing music via USB now, after apple made this change?
How can I play music in my still awesome car, with this new iPhones?

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I had weird issues recently. I fixed them.

I noticed that my Crosstour kept saying "No media" or some error message like it and my music and music apps would not play on he Crosstour.

I opened Settings on my phone.
The I chose Music from the settings list.

I noticed my "Sync Library" setting was off.
I enabled the "Sync Library" option.
I also enabled my "Download over Cellular" option - but you may not need to do so if you can connect to Wifi during the next steps.

I closed Settings and then opened Apple Music

I clicked on the Library icon.
I clicked on Artists and then clicked on one of them and brought up the album track listing
Next to one of the songs I clicked "..." and selected Download.

Apple music downloaded the song and I played it.
My Crosstour played the song fine.

I then switched over to my favorite podcast app and the Crosstour played that too.

Theory: Sometimes even if you think you downloaded a song on the device the device may not have downloaded it. Could have happened during an iOS update. Could have happened when I subscribed or unsubscribed to Apple Music.
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