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Spare tire

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I didn't know the spare tire was under the rear of the car until the next day when I opened the trunk to check the spare tire air pressure. I did find it underneath the car which is a very bad place to put a tire if a woman has a flat tire 50 miles from nowhere!

I wonder if Honda originally planned on putting the tire in the compartment since there is a quarter moon of foam holding the tire jack. I checked the underneath of the car and the sheet metal (quarter moon shape) looks as if they planned on a tire going in that compartment. My wife would sure appreciate a tire being in there instead of underneath. And if I were in snow then I would appreciate the tire being there too. It will not be fun laying down in the snow to get the tire support off the hook so the tire can be lowered!

I will take the tire off Saturday and see if it will fit in the back part of the compartment. I may be tearing out that foam!.

And then Honda has the audicity to say check the spare tire pressure every time you check the other tires! If I can't move the tire inside then I will cut an access hole in the tire support sheet metal so I can check the pressure (by crawling under the car).
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I agree that this is a stupid place to put it. At least it's encapsulated with a plastic cover to keep it dry. Also you would not have that nifty tray and storage space under the floor cover. You also have roadside assistance to help you do this.
I ran over a piece of sharp metal near a construction site and it slashed one of my tires -- had to be replaced. Anyway, the AAA guy came to my office building parking garage and I must say it was quite fun seeing where all the parts for the spare were and how it drops down from its nesting place under the car. I love it there and I'm a woman and, although I didn't have to change the tire myself, I believe I could have if I'd had to.

LOVED the plastic bag for the flat tire so you don't get your interior dirty!
I like that it's under the car, because when I have the back full of baby stuff, I don't have to empty the trunk to get the tire out.
I lot of SUV's have the spare tire under the car. I know the CT is not a SUV but, SUV's are drivin by lots of Women and I have yet to see an issues. In a way it nice the way they did set the spare to drop down and out as to having lift the tire out of the back. Just my 2 cents:D
I've had it under the car in my last two vehicles and prefer it there...With the higher quality of today's tires, the occasion to have to use the spare is much less than it used to be, and it's actually one of the better systems for getting at it than on some other vehicles too. That being said, on my last vehicle, my wife was driving and ran over a metal bar which punctured a tire which was ruined....this was after only one month of ownership and the roadside assistance program came out right away and changed that's another good thing to have. Unfortunately, sometimes you're not in an area where they can get to you quickly....
Spare is great there

I buy good quality tires and have had one flat in at least ten years because my wife drove over an object in the road obviously by mistake. For someone to think they need to place spare in hatch/trunk area is like carrying an extra steering for ‘just in case’ times. If you buy low quality tires then place spare in hatch! As the commercial says: ‘the only thing between you and the road is your tires’ and that is very true, so buy good tires and don’t worry about it. Great idea for spare under Crosstour! Maybe they should bolt it to back like a Jeep has.
Hi leek69. I am just wondering what brand of tires do you use? Is it really have good quality? :D
What tires I use and recommend?

I have used Michelin for the last 20 years and If I were to buy tires for my Crosstour now I would buy the Michelin Primacy MXV4 tires. Sorta depends on your driving conditions and what part of the country you live in though. South here. Good luck.
Unfortunately, even the best quality tires are not immune to road hazards. Also, I'm thinking that most of you who prefer the spare under the car are not living where it snows... or use AAA as the one lady said.
Or CAA in Canada... I have had to use them a few times and its been worth every penny. I know how to change a flat tire but with frustration that can easly turn to blind rage for me its just nicer to have someone else do it before I feel the need to kick the car too much.
I agree too. Should have been at the rear trunk.
I guess you will always praise the under spare when you are cramming the truck and then cursing it when you are laying under the car on frozen pavement. Again this is why I love my car club membership.
I haven't had to change a tire for over 10 years....and I used to live where it snowed a lot and had regular -40 winters...(that's why I moved....but nothing to do with tires<G>)
I have blown a few tires in my lifetime. well really only blown one once the rest where just discovered flats. I have relied on road side assistance every time after discovering the first one and hearing my Dad's voice saying in my head "You never know when you will need help on the side of the road"
I like that it's under the car, because when I have the back full of baby stuff, I don't have to empty the trunk to get the tire out.
Probably the best place for it but in winter up here in the north with all the snow and salt -- inside the car would be best.
I'll also explore moving it inside maybe only for winter months.

Did a little cursory measuring of the spare and the potential space for it in the 'trunk' and if one can get the tool kit foam receptacle out which is under the unremovable floor behind the back seats.
I believe that it'll fit and the under body spare cover will come off easily too.

So I believe it's doable for the spare at least. I doubt a full sized tire would fit but didn't measure for it.

This would mean losing the storage compartment under the rear floor and having to store the tire changing tools elsewhere tho.

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