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Well I'm a bit embarrassed by this since it came about unexpectedly. I wrote a series called the Cracker Barrel on the Fly Fishermen Online Website starting in 2002. It was done during the winter months when fly fishing was pretty much only a long wait until spring for most and cabin fever had set it, called the shack nasties due to conversation getting uglier as the winter waned.

I was also a moderator on the Classic Fly Rod Forum (originally called Clark's Classic Fly Rod Forum until 2005 when I became the owner and changed the name as requested by Clark Davis).

By 2005 the website grew from 9 members to 1200 and 5 million visits from 1998-2005. I took over as owner in April 2005 while it was still on EZBoard and had to move it to Yuku when they purchased EZBoard in 2007. I had to give it up last year due to fatigue from non-Hodgkin lymphoma and when I turned it over we had grown to over 5500 members and 60 million visits, had been written about in 6 books and became the number 1 place to discuss bamboo rods worldwide.

In October the editor who had contacted me earlier did again asking if I could get all the early segments and those that were written since to him because he wanted to get a fly fishing book out for Christmas.

It took 2 weeks of long days on the PC to get everything structured and sent off to him for editing. It finally got advertised and is available for pre-order at

If you would like a sample of what is in the book, plus several segments written since it went to press, they can be found at my new website in the Cracker Barrel section

Happy Thanksiving
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