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Hi all,

New to the forum and pretty new owner of my '13 Crosstour. Ive been wondering how many roof rack options there are for the Crosstour - I know the topic has been discussed since 2010.. I've gone through most all of the threads but typically only 2 options were discussed, Thule and OEM.

Currently it seems theres still only 2 options for new; OEM and the Yakima Base racks. Both are quite expensive and bulky, with an entire Baseline/clip package costing about $800+ CAD new .. The baseline towers are a bit too new to find cheap second-hand (looks like this: Honda Accord Crosstour 5dr Rack Installation Photos). OEM racks are about $500+ on amazon currently - but I'm not a fan of how they look as the sit quite high and look tacked on. For something that'll get used a few times a year, its hard to justify.

I came across a site that lists other options from different brands; like Thule, Rhino, and Inno, but my local Rack shop said that they only carried the new Yakima Baseline option. (2013 Honda Crosstour Roof Racks). Im looking for something sleek like the Rhino Vortex RS, but would settle for something cheap too since it'll be used sparingly..

What I've found:

Ive got a lot of old Thule 480 parts, and an entire Yakima Q rack system from some old vehicles, but every source says these systems are too old for the Crosstour and so the proper Fit Kit / Q-clips don't exist... despite them switching over in the mid 2010's. However, I found a Crosstour with I believe the old Yakima Q-clip system (from the EcoHitch demo video). Just need to know which clips were used. Looks like its front: Q102 and rear: Q116!

Another option was the aluminum roof rails on aliexpress that are made for the crosstours... Not going to bother linking, because 1) they're expensive by the time they're shipped, and 2) if I were to riv-nut/nut-sert a rail to the roof, I'd retrofit an OE rail from something like a 2000's Impreza first for nickels and dimes.

Lastly, the cheapest new route I've found was to use a Sportrack system (SR1002) which can be had for about $250. Only thing is, these are 'universal' in that they fit numerous cars, not to mention its probably the lowest quality and looks a bit booboo - but I'm leaning to this route if nothing else works. Again, because I'll be using it sparingly. (Complete Roof Rack System SR1002 - SportRack – The Way Outside)

So my questions are...

• Has anyone used an old Thule 480(R/XT, etc.) or Yakima Q system on their crosstour, or know which Q-clip might fit? Looks like its front: Q102 and rear: Q116
• Has anyone tried the Sportrack system, and how did you find it in terms of fit and quality?
• Any other decent, affordable options?

Thanks for any and all input, hoping for some good discussion that others can learn from/find in the future. Ill be exploring and documenting some other mods in the future as well. The Crosstour needs more accessory/utility options!

Ecohitch Xtour with Yakima Q system:
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