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Hi Forum,

I am a new CT owner as of 3 days ago and I have been pouring over this great forum which has answered a lot of my questions. However I continue to learn every day. I was attempting to reset my 2nd fob as it ha fallen out of sync with he main fob (1). I have done the reset that is posted everywhere for the Accord but I am not sure if it applies to the CT. The process is to get in your car,
1 - unlock the doors,
2 - insert the key into the ignition,
3 - go to position 2 and with press the LOCK button on the first fob,
4 - then switch back the key to position 0 and repeat the process 4 times.
5 - On the 4th try the doors are supposed to lock and the car is in programming mode.

Well, I tried that 5 times and the car never made it into programing mode. Lucky for me the # 1 fob is still working as I did not want to do something foolish and lock myself out or something. I have an appointment with my mechanic to give it the once over look to make sure everything is as the previous owner stated before I start enjoying her. She is a 2012 V6 4WD with Nav and 169k black on black and it looks like no one ever sat in the back as everything is incredibly clean, even the seats do not have the usual leather usage wrinkles. Anyhow, I think the dealer wants something like $75 to program the 2nd fob which is a bit over the top. I really don't need the 2nd key really but I have programmed other fobs on my other cars and have never had any issues with similar processes.

Thanks for your support and for reading my post.

Cheers and stay safe
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