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I looked on the forums and couldn't find anything relevant re this topic. Hope this helps other DIY'ers:
......I confirmed the alternator needed replacement in my CT.

Found 3 youtube videos which helped, but there were definitely some difficulties that had to be figured out. (none of the videos are of a vehicle with a fair amount of rust, for example):
(some of the details in this video didn't match my Crosstour, but was very helpful)

(helpful, but for an Accord, like video below)

(This was also a video for an Accord with same engine....he takes you through what to do, but after he has completed the job)

Removing the 18,000 plastic inserts out of all the splash guard covers was probably the most time-consuming!!! Hint: Completely remove them so these are not in your way if you live in a northern climate where rust is an issue (I had quite a bit and decided to wire brush the rust and then brush POR15 on the metal after the replacement of the it helped to remove all 24,000 plastic fasteners, more-so for my post rust-inhibiting project)

I live in Ontario, so the bottom two bolts on the radiator fan shroud were badly rusted. This has to be removed to allow room for the alternator to come out. The bolt on the right side broke off with a 10mm socket attached. The left bolt sits directly in front of a bracket, with very little space to attach a tool. Long story short.....I had to grind this bolt off.

To get the fan shroud completely off, a wire harness needs to be unhooked. I used a small pry tool to press down on the clip and a screwdriver to pull the harness apart. My hand would not fit into this area to accomplish this otherwise.

Big help was tapping the bushing where the new alternator sits, allowing for much easier install.

I think it's worth buying the tool to pry the 36,000 plastic fasteners apart, IMO.
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