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This is a conversation response that I've sent. I'm posting it here to insure that you get it.

With some research I see that you posted about the rear spoiler. On the assumption that you are talking about the exterior spoiler panel and not the interior garnish, there are two types of clips that are required. On is a square retainer clip and the other two are round clips with a cushion washer.

The circular cushion washer part number is 91513-SJK-003 and a google search for available parts is below.
91513-SJK-003 - Google Shopping

The square retainer clip is part number 91514-SMG-E01 and a Google search for available parts is below.
91514-SMG-E01 - Google Shopping

If it is the interior panel clip that you need, just reply to this. I come by this forum about every 2-4 days.
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