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Remote Starters

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Any recommendations? Please let me know all pros and cons.
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I also have the 5901. Generally, I am happy about it. I do have a couple of gripes. I'm not sure if it is because of Viper or the installation.

When I first had it installed, I would remote start the car, but then it wouldn't unlock my doors. I had to stop the engine remotely and then it would lock the doors. The installers (which are "viper authorized") decided to replace a module. One that is not viper. They said they have been having problems with the new viper module with hondas. Now it works fine, but I lost some of the functionality of the old module. For instance, when I unlock my car with my OEM fob, my Viper fob would indicate that the doors are open. Now, it doesn't communicate at all.

Once in a while, I would hit my remote start button, and my fob would say out of range. Then I'd hit it again, and it says "remote start off". Which means it worked in the first place, but didn't communicate correctly. It bothers me that I'm starting and restarting a car in the cold. I don't like to have my car in idle in the cold longer than 5 minutes.
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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