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Remote start

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For us northerners, a remote start is a must on a morning where it is -35 with the windchill. I just bought the Honda remote starter. Cost me an arm and a leg. I was told that I could only put the Honda one in, no aftermarket because of computer issues. Jerks! Beware of sketchy sales pitches. AFtermarkets are apparently fine. As for the starter, I am not impressed. You start the vehicle, but as you approach the car and unlock, it engine shuts off. What is the point of starting it? I had a starter on my 04 Accord and it stayed running when you unlocked it, but shut off if you touched the pedal before inserting the key. Will this be bad for the starter in the long run? I phoned Honda Canada, but all I got was the"it's a safety feature" explanation with no real explanation on how it will keep me safe. FYI for everyone considering a remote.
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my brother has the acura csx with that same started. the car is 3 years old and so far it isn't giving him any trouble what so ever. i got to admit that that started is pretty annoying but you do get used to it.
The Honda dealer where I bought mine installed an aftermarket remote starter (Autostart) for $250. It works perfectly and the range is great.

Only thing they said was to leave the heated seats on "lo" when starting the car, to avoid battery drain on the CT.
I also had the dealer install an aftermarket remote start prior to taking delivery (gets included in the warranty that way). It works great & I also have good range - had to sacrifice the Valet key, to have it compatible with Honda's security system.
Dealer didn't say anything about leaving the seat heaters on "lo" to avoid battery drain ... I didn't perceive it as an issue since the car would be running, but Thanks for sharing that tip ... it makes sense.
My Honda dealer Quoted me $689 for a Honda remore starter installed?
They will cover it under warranty. is the point of this thing then?!!?!?!?!?
I got a Viper 5901 for 500 bucks and in my opinion its awesome. Almost a year and no problems so far. The open air range "no buildings in the way" is one mile and its no joke. I tried it out on a trip to Woodbury Commons in upstate NY. I was 10 to 12 minutes away from the car and it started up no hesitation. The pit stop feature is awesome and I like the fact the car beeps instead of the horn honking. I leave the A/C or heat on depending on the weather. It pages me if some opens the door or trunk, or even if i leave it open.

(I did not have to give up a key they had to order a digital bypass that programs the key in once and is stored in memory without losing the key)
Yes the Viper system is great. Remote, range, and security. No problem in 1 year.
lol crimestopper with unlock and lock features. $150 works perfect.

start car...doors remian lock....hit unlock on remote ...turn key ...put in drive wala heated seats/heat = comfortable temp

The only thing I must say, the battery removal ( I had mine for 2 years now) is a pain in the butt to take out.

A/M remotes will negate your Factory 3/36 warranty if they can prove it CAUSED any issues that you have made a warranty claim on....

Agreed, the Honda Remote start is extremely limited on range and functionality, and WICKED expensive, however ----

I have LITERALLY seen bad installs cause fires in NEW vehicles.
The newer Hondas do have complicated wiring harnesses, that amatuers should NOT be hacking into haphazardly.

Make SURE you get a warranty from the INSTALLER, not just the company who sells the SYSTEM you are installing.

The thing with factory alarms is if someone breaks your window and crawls in your car your alarm wont sound only if the door or hood is opened or the car gets unlocked. I am not saying all but 80% of factory alarms.
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