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My car is currently lowered on the TL parts like the majority of the lowered Crosstours lurking around this fourm. I'm thinking of swapping them out for coilovers, i probably lower it about 2 Inches (the same as using TL parts), only reason im switching over to coilovers is because it snows a lot here in Calgary; just not this year for some reason.

By having the Coilovers, i'm prepared for next winter, at the same time, i can lower it back when summer hits.

Is it recommened to put a camber kit on my car?? Its not like ill lower my car anymore; maybe the rear a tad, but most definitely not DUMPING the car. Ive been driving fine with my current set up, the tires and evreything have been fine. I was told that my tires will wear a lot quicker if i dont get a camber kit on my car.

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