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Before Alignment
Left FrontFrontRight Front
Camber: -0.1Total Toe: -0.08Camber -0.2
Caster:2.8 (Red color on printout)Steer Ahead:-0.01Caster 2.8 (Red color on printout)
Toe:-0.05Toe: -0.03

Left RearRearRight Rear
Camber: -1.1Total Toe: -0.12Camber -1.4
Toe:0.06 (Red color)Thrust Angle: 0.00Toe: -0.06 (Red color)

After alignment:
Left FrontFrontRight Front
Camber: 0.0Total Toe: 0.01Camber -0.2
Caster:2.8 (Red color on printout)Steer Ahead:0.00Caster 2.8 (Red color on printout)
Toe:0.00Toe: 0.00

Left RearRearRight Rear
Camber: -1.0Total Toe: 0.17Camber -1.4
Toe:0.08Thrust Angle: -0.01Toe: 0.09

The values look pretty symmetrical, and the shop said it was good. I just don't understand the caster and camber impacts. The printout says "The manufacturer does not specify front CAMBER and CASTER adjustments."
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