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"wow, what kind of car is this!? it looks nice"

In Costco parking lot, a guy was knocking driver side window while I was enjoying my lovely hotdog. "Is this crossfire?" "It looks like Mazda 3" "This is a nice car, I am thinking to get one" ..... I was like .... (dude, I am eating hotdog in my car .... leave me alone) lol

In supermarket parking lot, after I stepped out of my car, driver of the car next mine came out and said, "What kind of car is this" "It looks cute" "I like this" ..... (errr, thanks) =_=;

While on the way home, cop just followed my car for more than 2 miles distances while there were no car in right/left side lanes. That cop must be bored or what. All of sudden went fast and pulled in front of me. Later just slow down and followed me again ..... (what, I know I have no license plate because it's brand new, bite me!)

And there were so many times after I parked the car. I could see few people were checking out my car and couldn't stop looking it.

The story just keeps going ........ :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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