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My 2013 CT came with 17 inch wheels. I bought it used about 2 months ago with 40,000 miles and it needed tires. A good set of 80,000 mile Michelin tires would cost me about $700 out the door from Costco. I ended up buying practically new takeoffs from a new 2018 Honda CR-V touring (18") for about the same price. The difference in tire size is as follows:CT=225/65R17 102H, CR-V=235/60R18 103H.

I really love the look of the new wheels! The wheel trim matches my body color and they ride great. All that aside, there are 2 inherent problems I want to work around.

1. The speedometer reads about 2 or 3 mph difference between speedometer and digital feedback from GPS land speed readings. (I have an android head unit installed with "Torque Pro" getting data from bluetooth OBDii scan)
I can certainly live with this discrepancy, but I'd like input if anyone has had success recalibrating electronically or mechanically?

2. The TPMS system on the new CR-V uses an indirect sensor type while my CT uses wheel sensors (direct sensor type). I'm fairly sure dismounting the new tires and installing the old sensors from the OEM CT wheels will fix my TPMS light coming on; however, is it possible to change CT TPMS data input interpret an indirect signal coming from the antilock system?
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