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Newbie post, 25,000 miles

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Hello all!!!

I've been a long-time lurker, but finally felt I had something to add.

I purchased my 2010 Crosstour EX-AWD January 4th, 2010. In the 1st year, I've rolled off 25,875 miles, so I've sort of "got a feel" for this car. It's been thru all 4 seasons including a ton of snow, 100+ degree summer conditions, ice-rink winter conditions, unexpected standing water... Everything but children eating in the backseat. ;););)

I REALLY like this car and being in regional sales, I darned well better. I could care less that it was allegedly voted to the 2010 "Ugly List". I mean, it's not like the Crosstour is related to the Aztec!!! :eek::eek::eek:

Anyway, a few observations. Most are probably repetitious, some might just rank as stupid questions and a few are probably my personality quirks...

- I've seen exactly ONE other Crosstour on the road in all of Idaho & Utah. Where are people buying these? OK, everyone out here owns a ¾ ton 4WD pickup (seems to be required by law, I also have one), but some state out there must be lousy with Crosstours.

- Comfort. The most comfortable car I've ever owned (with the exception of my 1998 Chevrolet Suburban. However, that was a 13 MPG La-Z-Boy recliner on wheels and not entirely a fair comparison). Nice leather, heated seats and more than enough adjustments. The steering wheel could use a little more telescoping range as I feel I’m reaching a little more than usual. Heater and A/C work acceptably and the noise levels are minimal. Passengers however, frequently remark that the right-side seat is a little too low.

- Road noise. Very minimal, except on some our infamous grooved concrete freeways. This is a REALLY quiet car.

- If you live in a region that experiences nasty winter weather, don’t drive this car away from the dealer without the mudguards, luggage area tray and heavy-duty floor mats.

- Sound system. Nice! Especially the USB interface. An 8GB stick keeps 4,000 of my favorite songs in continuous queue. XM Radio? Grew bored with that in the 90 day intro period (and the begging never stops). Bluetooth system is very functional, but the voice dialing system is somewhat archaic.

- Visibility. I was fully aware of these issues going in. Let’s just say I’ve become extremely proficient at “drive by mirror”…

- Gas mileage. Not a major concern. If MPGs were what kept me up at night, I would have bought a Kia. Anyway, I’m getting an overall 26, maybe 27 if I behave. That can change drastically if “Who Made Who” is turned way up and I’m headed down to Vegas…

- Quality, fit & finish, form & function… The little things. This is my first Honda, and I’m truly impressed with the overall package. The doors shut with a nice “Thunk”, there’s no shakes, shimmies or rattles and nothings come loose or fallen off. OK, I used to own a Hyundai so I came in with somethat “humbled” expectations.

- Overall experience. Yes, I’d buy this car again!!!
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Welcome Snowbound. Glad you decided to pipe in here. Nice review from someone who has had a year of stick time.

I have had no complaints except a 'shimmy or vibration. Family issues have kept me from getting mine looked at yet, but yeah, one heck of a car.

Now that you have broken the ice, (no pun), keep us up on when you have to replace the tires, etc.

Nice to have someone about 20k miles ahead of me, look forward to your experiences and observations.
Wow, that's quite a testimonial, and great to hear.

Welcome, and please keep us up on your CT ownership.

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...Gee I've owned 2 Hyundais in recent years (both post 2004) and found that the fit and solidness of the CT is actually a bit less than that of the Hyundai's fact I'm watching for when Hyundai comes out with a cross-tour type of vehicle and will be looking at trading in my Honda when that happens... Yes, the Hyundai's were junk when they first came out in the '80s and '90s but I'd put the current ones against the Toyotas, Nissans, and Hondas any day.
...Gee I've owned 2 Hyundais in recent years (both post 2004) and found that the fit and solidness of the CT is actually a bit less than that of the Hyundai's ...
I dumped a 2006 (new style) Hyundai Sonata GLX V6 to get my C'Tour.
I put almost 100k on the Sonata and for the most part is was a decent car.

Biggest complaints:

- The driver seat was crippling, to point of right leg numbness & tailbone pain. Never had a car that uncomfortable. All the seat padding was collapsed after 50k miles - and I'm all of 5'8" & 160 lbs.

- Thin paint. Every rock chip goes clean to the bone.

- "Cheaped-out", basic steering-wheel sound system controls.

- Astonishingly low resale value. Absolutely ridiculous...
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