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New, to me, '13 EX-L

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. . . '13 Crosstour EX-L, 3.5l v6, 4WD, (no Navigation), about 69k mi, . . . so far so, good, I like it a bunch. . . . it replaces my 240k ish mi '03 Accord EX, 2.4l 4 cyl.

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Welcome to the forum and congratulations!

That's low mileage for sure. I've got ~92k on my 2013 and it continues humming along (driven it multiple 600+ mile road trips in the past few years). Might change it up and cruise in the wifey's 2023 Acura Integra 6-speed manual a bit here and there ;)
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No navigation? As an EX-L doesn't it always come with the 2 displays?
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