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Here's the story: right around the time we were trying to figure out a vehicle to replace my wife's 2017 Kia Sorento, a relative posted on FB that she had a nice 2010 Crosstour to sell in the West Palm Beach area. 92k, lots of service records, great looking car. We're both teachers and school had just let out for the year, so the timing was perfect for us for us to fly to Florida and road trip the car home.

The car was great on the drive up. I did notice towards the end of the trip that I would occasionally get a battery light for a second or two as the car coasted to a stop in traffic, and it seemed to be right as the ECO light turned off when the car stopped. I have read a good bit about the flaws and drawbacks of the early VCM system, so the day we got the car home I ordered an S-VCM unit to disable it. Since installing the S-VCM, I haven't seen a battery light at all. Still not sure if it's related, so I'm keeping an eye on it.

We love the way the car drives and looks. The only thing I wish I could change (and my wife doesn't really care about it, so definitely not a deal-breaker) is the fact that I can't stream Bluetooth music from my phone, and having to use an AUX cable is a drag. Looking forward to racking up some miles.

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