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Recently purchased a "lightly used" 2010 CT 4wd. We are really happy with our purchase so far and look forward to further delving into all the capabilities of CT. I really like this forum as I have done some "light" reading on all the sections / comments and reviews. ~DEW~
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Welcome, lots of good and knowledgeable folks here, enjoy.
Thanks, and I do enjoy the forum..lot's of great information / general knowledge and for the most part friendly ppl.

*ps.. Go Service Members! -ex Navy Corpsman here.
Lol @ for the most part. Seems like no matter the forum, you still have those members that can't seem to get along with others.
*ps.. Go Service Members! -ex Navy Corpsman here.
Marine here... served aboard the USS Wasp for a Med float with the 6th Fleet (26 MEU). Welcome aboard.
Congrats on your CT purchase. We have had ours for almost a month and love it.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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