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Purchased last week (1/22/11) our new 2011 Honda Accord Crosstour EX-L, AWD w/Nav., Opal Sage with blk. leather int., here in southernmost NJ (Cape May County). While our winters near the shore are generally mild, we like having the AWD capability. Traded in an '08 Accord Sedan EX-L V6, which we absolutely loved over our previously leased BMW-X3 (AWD) and Lexus ES (FWD). Do wish we had the option for our previous Honda color (beige-gold), but are intrigued by the "opal sage" tone. Chose the black leather interior this time, after our less than three year experience with tan leather showing its age. The steering feel, seating position and quiet sound of the CT are superior to our previoulsy owned and much loved Accord sedan. The extra "bells & whistles" offered by the CT confirmed our decision to trade up to this new model earlier than we thought we would, even at a higher than expected cost: body style, increased cargo volume, split rear seat fold down, darkened rear windows, rear window wiper, higher ground clearance, driver seat/mirror memory, rear seat ventilation, AWD, bigger wheels, and optional Navi/Bluetooth with rear camera. We bought the optional all-weather floor mats and wheel locks, as in the past. Just a few other accessories we are considering. We expect and are confident that this will be our primary car for many years to come.
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