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New Member in Amish country (PA) . . .

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We drove several cars including new and used Subaru Forester and several used MB 350s. The CT was not even on our radar until we met a particularly great salesman at a used car lot. The interior spacing was cavernous, the materials quite good and the ride was smooth with adequate power. It was definitely an upgrade from our '99 Accord V6 coupe esp. with two growing boys in tow. :eek:
Later that evening I did a price search at, which turned out to be the smartest move I had made that day. We got our price and thought we had a deal with a dealer in MD only to have it fall through hours before we were to drive down (light snow so they wouldn't go get the car). We went to a local dealer and were politely told "We don't want to waste your time," basically because we are NEVER going to give you that price for a car we have to drive to get. So we specifically called to a dealership that we have had such loyalty to that we routinely travel 30 miles down the highway to give them our business. The salesperson didn't even give us the courtesy of a follow-up call. WOW!
Finally, we called a dealer near my wife's work place. They didn't have red either. Dead deal. . . or so we thought. One ambitious salesperson made it his quest to get us our car (an altruist I'm sure:D). Approximately 4 days passed from start to finish, once we decided on the CT, and were driving it off the lot.
We never intended to buy new but with 0.9% financing and dealers snapping up the late model cars, calling them certified pre-owned and charging near new car prices, we couldn't resist. The used car salesman was associated with the second Honda dealership and could have sold us new. Later they called to say they could price match. Unfortunately for him it was too late and we were tired of the games.
Now we are 9 day owners of a 2010 Tango Red Pearl CT EX-L w/o nav (Ruby). I just put the 450th mile on her today. The honeymoon continues for now . . . :)
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Congrats on the purchase! I know what you mean with the "certified" cars, like I need to pay extra so I have "proof" that it's used lol
Hehe, great story. Glad it worked out for you, man. Hope you'll be able to make it out.
Welcome to the CT World. I really like the Tango Red but was not a big fan of white interior.
Congrats, RB....I'm also in Amish country in Ontario -- north of Waterloo near me is quite a large community.

Enjoy the CT.

@ Ryan- Kicked tires-check, car still standing-check. Yeah thats certified! LOL
@ Chef- We have tan interior in the XC90 and it is in decent condition so we took the plunge on it.
@ CCT- the amish make good neighbors as long as you can stand the smell of fertilizer and don't mind being trapped behind a buggy once in a while.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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