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New Crosstour

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I picked up my Black w/Black leather 4wd exl on Sunday and i must say my wife and i LOVE it.
Its my third honda, 94 accord 06 ridgeline and this may be the best yet.
My 2 1/2 year old got in if for the first time and said daddy what happened to the trunk? I said i bought you a new car baby and she said thanks daddy i like it! Then she reached up from her car seat and grabbed the grab handle and held it for the trip home saying daddy i need to hold this! Priceless.
Havent driven it in the snow yet, but im sure its great.
I did get something called "crystal fusion" on my windshield at the dealer which is awesome! its a chemical that somehow helps fill in the molecules that make up the glass and helps deter stone chips and helps with rain run off. I must say we had freezing rain here in NY and my accord had ice all over the glass but the crosstour parked right next to it had none to speak of, only snow which i was able to brush off. its amazing technology! Sounded fishey at first but so far its worth it.
I also have a remote start which is a necessity now a days.
The only honda accessories I have so far are the wheel locks and door pockets which i felt were necessary to put my iphone in, otherwise it falls thru the door handle! Im lacking cargo room compared to the ridgeline but well make do!:cool: they were like $30.
Saving for splash guards and eventually the cross bars.
Also thinking about the brushed aluminum rear bumper guard.
Nice to meet whoever is reading this!
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We have had our new Crosstour for less than a day and love it. We have had SUV's since 1984 and this vehicle is wonderful. I can't believe how absolutely comfortable and quiet it is. Our grandson told us it was prettier than his mom's Mercedes and we agree!
weclome folks, take some pictures and show us :D
Long island NY

Holding off on pics till i get it washed! We still have some crappy weather here.
Burke 299,
We also have a clone of what you have. Less than 1k miles in it. Great in snow.
Like you we had a few extras put on: body side moulding, brushed stainless rear bumper guards, ambient lighting, wheel locks, mud guards, and pockets for the doors. The remote engine start is coming next. (Getting too old for those cold cars in the early morning).
Mike from MA
welcome to the site burke!!! Yah, weather sucks these days here too.
Rear bumper

I thought about the brushed aluminum rear bumper cover, wasn't sure how it would look what u think?
Gonna get cross bars too eventually, for snowboarding mostly.
I went for a pretty long drive yesterday and was def turning heads, it's cool having only car like it on the road!!

Hi there, I also picked my CT just this last Thursday and absolutely love it. The kids affectionately nick-named it "The Batmobile". I too do not understand why some people dislike it when they have not even seen it in person. The car is absolutely stunning looking. Granted - pictures do not do it justice, it must be seen live. All my friends, co-workers and neighbors love the way this car looks. On Saturday, I played a gig in a club and afterwards as I was about to get my gear in the car - I found a bunch of people geathered around my CT, all having nothing but positive comments about it.

Rock on!

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