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Hi All, It's so nice to see the shared enthusiasm for the Crosstour !
My first experience with Honda was a 3 year old used '85 Accord LX, with about 64K km. on it. I drove it for many, many years, and when I sold it, it had over 510K km. on it.
I just bought this 2011 Pearl White Accord Crosstour EX-L which I'd like to.., umm add my touch to.
Having previously been in the car audio industry, I am familiar with complexity of integration of better audio systems to the newer computerized vehicles, and the Crosstour EX-L is no exception. I'm starting to think unique. :)
I have plans to replace the existing amplification and speakers, but I need help to do it.
It's been over 25 years since I installed a system, in my car. My old Accord had a high end system with 2x 8" in a Transmission Line cabinet with a high powered amp, and another amp and electronic crossover for the front speakers.
I want to change the factory speakers to Morel , and have them driven by my 3542 Alpine amp, and another smaller amp, or factory power to the rear door speakers, which I want to upgrade to Morel Tempo Ultra Integra speakers.
For the piece de resistance, I'd like to try a Transmission Line cabinet again, but for a single 8". or 2-6"s, to be driven with an Alpine 3543 .
I know I will need some Line Out Converter, and ideally adapter plugs, to connect to the factory harnesses.
I will also need to know locations of the existing amplifiers and sensors which I may need to disconnect, or leave connected, to allow for the internal acoustic compensation, or audio integration.

Can anyone lend a helping hand with information?
Oh, and I was also thinking of doing something to highlight the car's exterior, problem is, the car is white, standard black/chrome grill, and I like Orange as highlight.
Any ideas from some artists here?
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