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My "new" 2010 Crosstour EX-L AWD. Thank you for all the wisdom!

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Hello CT Owners,

First off, thank you all for your contributions to this forum. I have been lurking to research whether I should pull the trigger on a one-owner, dealer-serviced 2010 CT EX-L with 85k miles on it. I have never owned or driven one of these. I actually spent most of my adult life hating on this car. Some of my favorite Reddit comments I came across while researching:

"...its like the pixar mom version of a car."

"The Rodney Dangerfield of the Honda community."

I spent weeks looking for the best high-mileage, bang-for-buck "luxury" car to last me and my family the next 10 years, and the Crosstour kept popping up. V6, AWD, long-haul comfort, spacious, etc. With a $12.5k budget, this was a no-brainer. Spent another $100 on the SVCM, and I'm hoping I just bagged myself a high-mileage Swiss army knife for my family to enjoy for the next decade.

One question that I cannot seem to find the answer to is -- has anyone had any success installing a new head unit that has CarPlay compatibility? Any help/input would be greatly appreciated.

To all who have, are, and will contribute to this forum, thanks all for your dedication!


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Welcome to the forum, love the color but I love my silver more. As for a headunit with carplay, there is a guide on youtube that is pretty good and goes through everything required to set it up although that is on a car without navigation so it might be a little bit different...

If and when I decide to go to an aftermarket head unit I will most likely be following this guide a few times over, wiring isnt my specialty but I have the tools for it.
Thank you for the insight and resources! I am hoping I come across someone techy enough to repurpose my nav screen to something useful, since the aftermarket CarPlay replaces the media center buttons and not the nav screen. And as another user commented, having two screens with one essentially being non-functional isn't ideal. But I'd rather have the functionality of the apps than a clean looking console, so I will probably go this route.

I just pulled the trigger on the sunroof visor from your suggestion, it will arrive just in time for the NJ summer. Good looks!

Big mistake on that s vcm. when it fails in a year, make sure to purchase a vcm tuner ii so you never have to touch it again. You have navigation, I just can't recommend you rip out the factory system and leave a blank dead screen to stick in a double din radio, or even worse, try to install one of the garbage barely functional screen replacement ones, but they exist if you want to. I also hear dash mount GPS looking touchscreens with built in android auto/Apple carplay work great for the $100-$200 they cost on AliExpress. You made a great choice, they are very comfortable reliable cars.
I read the reviews on how the VCM Tuner II is more reliable, problem is that it's on backorder without an availability date, so I had to go with something for the near term. I am doing my homework on CarPlay options, nothing looks like it's going to be a perfect solution but like I mentioned above, the functionality is more important to me than the looks. The dash-mount CarPlay is probably the better option at the moment, but I will follow up with an update.

Thanks everyone!

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Completely incorrect. It clearly says right on the website that it goes on sale every Monday morning, it's not on back order, it's just only sold once a week. I don't know why no one ever reads this.
And yes the dash mount old gps style carplay/android auto displays are probably the best option, especially for these crosstours.
Well the problem is that if you get to their product page via Google, there’s not even an “add to cart” button for the VCM tuner II Advanced because it’s on backorder, and there’s nothing about shipping every Monday in the notes. But now I see if you go through the main page to get to the product page, the option is there with the notes about weekly delivery.
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