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my CT EX-L Black

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looks good.. wish i could see more of it.

yes, hope we can see more pics of that car. anyway nice car.
I'm amazed at how impressive this car looks in black, white and red....but indeed, Honda has done well with all the colours.

Let's see more of the black. I am a rear end man, but try to show more appreciation for headlights and profile too.:D

Would look great with the piano black pillar covers (or chrome ones) that you can get off Ebay...
Lol I have about 40 pics of my black CT up on cardomain. You can click the link on my signature to see them.
I will have to check those out later. Black cars look btter in the shade but even better wet!

This is my black EXL de-badged and tinted to utter darkness. (the wheels are orig, I was just checking out what it would look like with a darker shade)
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Looks sick man!
Nice pics. This is the reason I choose the black one. Was great looking in the showroom.
Pure sex, guys. Love black just don't like the maintenance: My back won't take it any more.:rolleyes:

Pure sex, guys. Love black just don't like the maintenance: My back won't take it any more.:rolleyes:


your back may need to get some flex/bend to stay in shape, just joking
Love the black too. Just can't deal with the maintenance. I'm a perfectionist and having owned black cars in the past, a white daily driver made more sense. Heck, by the time you finish washing the car at one end, the opposite end is already dusty! Black looks amazing and sexy, but I'll have to settle for this "rental car white" that my friends have dubbed mine<smile>.
That is not rental car white lol, I love white diamond pearl and if I didn't get it in black I would've definitely gotten in white. I'm just in my "black car' phase and its true I'm obsessed with keeping it clean. Not to pat myself on the back but I do a pretty good job lol.
These pics are sweet, agreed, nothing approaches a clean black vehicle.
It was a friend and fellow Rolls/Bentley owner who hates the look of the CT and then when he saw the white, he tagged it Rental Car White or RCW. It's OK, I love the CT and the Diamond White we got. My red Rolls is called "Old Red", my 2-tone Rolls is called "Palmer"(I live on Palmer Ranch in Sarasota during the winter months), and now my CT is affectionately called "RCW"! And I agree w/Army Dad, there is nothing like a clean black car - stunning!
i woulda got mine in black, but then i saw all the bs swirlies and stuff. hells no, this is my first car, and i think ima stick to white all the way. relativly clean in all ways :D
Love the Diamond White(RCW) as it always looks clean even when it's not! Had a white RR Corniche convertible that had lots of minor flaws in the paint(owned it for 12 years and it had over 60K miles), but the car always looked perfect and took many awards at shows over those 12 years. Never had to work as hard on cleaning/detailing as someone with a black car and mine always looked better!
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