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Lowering springs??

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Hey guys,

Looking to lower the crosstour and obviously there aren't many aftermarket options as it is. Any body have any idea if there are any springs manufacturers that make lowering springs for the Crosstour?? I have lots and lots of plans. Also, is the accord sedan or couple suspension the same as in the crosstour?
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I was looking into that as well but no luck as of yet... I do know that the sedan, coupe, and CT all have different suspensions and the CTs is the most advanced of the 3... It all has to do with the weight of the car and the size of the engine... 4 cyl accords use different front springs than the 6 cyl because its a lighter engine... and the crosstour has a different system all around because of the ride height... Best bet is go to a local custom shop and get some advice...
sign me up for a inch to inch and a half drop, the local shop said that its the same platform as the RL. Im not to sure of that, anyone know?
Still looking for lowering springs. I wish we could come up with a solution to this! or at least get some answers!!
SEMA!!!!! What springs are being used there???? Tell me NOW!! lol
Lol the post didn't say but to me it looks like its sedan height (about 6 inches off the ground) so its probably a modified version of that suspension with heavy duty springs to support the extra weight. I dont remember if I posted this before but here's a discussion from the other other regarding a drop on the CT...
If anyone finds out direct information please post. Planning to add a 5mm+ offset to the 22 inch Rims I currently have and reducing the tire size from 265 ---> 255 in order to get the tire cleanly tucked inside the well. Once thats done I should have clearance to drop the vehicle to sedan Height or even lower. So PLZZZZ let me know when you find out. THANKS!!!
From my research and talking to the Honda people at SEMA, the HFP Crosstour concept car is using Eibach Prototype springs. I have yet to have time to call Eibach on this... Maybe someone else should?
Just spoke with Phong from Eibach and he informed me that if enough interest is generated they will consider producing the prototype kit from SEMA. he said that 100 kits would be ideal. I just joined but perhaps someone should run a poll of who would like this. They said that their search engines would pick up the activity.
You may be hard pressed to pick up 100 people who are up to modifying their suspension to aftermarket springs. Nevertheless, good luck, aftermarket support is better to have than not to have!
The SEMA CT was most likely on cut springs, bags, cylinders, or accord springs, with no intent of actually using them on the street. When it comes to shows, you'd be suprised how much of the coolest stuff is held together with zip-ties and duct tape, and meant for one time use only, while parked. I have pieces like that for my mustang that are only installed at the show, and would make it ten feet down the road without coming loose. But they look nice and clean thanks to velcro! lol

Edit- Since it's Honda's concept, I'm pretty sure they have the budget to get their spring manufacturer to roll out a custom set of springs for testing and research, for all we know, the suspension is off the shelf from the R&D department
IM IN i want these so badd
**** yeah im in!!
Definately in. have made me smile today!
I will see what I can figure out tomorrow...
any luck?????
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