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Looking to install a NAV

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They didn't have any CTs with navigation at the lot, so the dealer offered to install one with a backup camera. I was wondering if anyone knew if the one being installed would be the factory installed unit or an aftermarket one. From what I understand the dealership actually contracts the job out to a car audio installer, so I'm thinking it would be an aftermarket system. My concern is I don't want to lose any functionality with the climate/radio controls.
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It would most likely be an aftermarket one... The dash and climate control system is completely different between the two models.

If the dealer doesn't have a Crosstour with OEM Nav, and that's what you want, I would not settle for an aftermarket solution.

However, if you would prefer to save the money (which I'm assuming you would be), or have an aftermarket system, then by all means take the dealer up on their offer. This solution should maintain use of the OEM climate controls... but I would find out exactly what system the dealer was planning on installing.
Here's a pic of the aftermarket nav. It's taken from an Accord. The top information display is moved below the radio controls along with the navigation and dvd player. A new touch screen navigation screen is added to the top. From what the installer told me was the blue tooth will now go through the nav system and the steering controls for the bluetooth would be disabled along with the xm radio. So when you want to make a call or answer your phone you will need to touch the display. I'm not sure why the blue tooth on the original radio is disabled since technically nothing is replaced only the nav computer and dvd player are added.

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This is the company that makes these units:
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I would be concerned about how far away that touch screen is... I know the nav screen in my Crosstour is deeply set (to reduce glare). Deep enough that it wouldn't be safe for me to touch it to control it.

I'm always a sucker for OEM stuff... but if this works for you, I can't tell you not to do it.

I only suggest that you demand to see the set-up in person to play with and listen to.

Also, the BT and XM being disabled makes me wonder if they are disabling the stock radio and using one integrated in the NAV head unit? If so, you'll loose the active sound cancelation system in the Crosstour.
yeap, I agree, reaching the nav screen is a deal breaker for me. I'm wondering if I can just intall a navigation system in that storage area below the radio. I would just send power to it and maybe install a small 3.25" speaker somewhere.
Wouldn't it just be simpler to get a regular GPS like a Tom Tom or Garmin or whatever. I don't have the nav system or a GPS but if I were to get one that wasn't OEM I wouldn't wat to start messing with the radio, BT and ANC if I didn't have to. That being said, that picture you posted does look like a nice clean install.
Don't have the money to do this but if you want an OEM Nav for relatively cheap here you go...
Don't have the money to do this but if you want an OEM Nav for relatively cheap here you go...
It looks like you can only install that in an EX-L...

Not in the EX model (like the OP's).
My bad I thought the EX had dual climate controls...
My bad I thought the EX had dual climate controls...
Not only that, but the dimensions of the pocket where the Nav would go are too small on the EX.
The OP's signature says he has an EX-L without Nav... It will work on his CT...
The OP's signature says he has an EX-L without Nav... It will work on his CT...


(I somehow had it in my head that EX-L meant that it had Nav... which I know not to be true... but that's how my brain was working.)

My apologies!
Lol... I wish I got mines with nav and you almost crushed my dreams of having it installed some day lol...
After I told the nav installer my concerns about installing an aftermarket system, he called the manufacturer and told me that the system is in addition to the factory system. All the features and functionality remains the same, but you'll have navigation. The navigation also comes with a dvd player and can also play videos from a usb device.
Is this one of those nav systems from China? There are a bunch similar to this one for very cheap (between 350 and 500) but I was told to be very VERY careful when considering an aftermarket Nav system swap if it comes from China... But it does look good tho...
Personally, I'll never buy another OEM Nav unit. The one in our '10 Crosstour is, in my opinion, a HUGE waste of money as far as navigating goes. If not for navigating, then it makes for a VERY expensive screen for the backup camera. There IS a backup camera available that displays in the Rear View Mirror. Get that, the Backup Sensors, and buy yourself a good Garmin nav unit and you'll wind up being MUCH happier - IMHO!
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