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I discovered something today that I did not realize.

I was filling up the tank and was planning on going into the station so while I was filling, I locked the doors. When I finished, I put the filler cap on and then tried to close the cover - it wouldn't close - after a couple of attempts, I looked to see what the issue was. There was a pin extended from the right side of the opening - and a corresponding hole in a protrusion on the inside of the cover. I could push the pin back by hand and then the cover closed and latched.

Curious, I unlocked and relocked the car - sure enough, the cover would not unlatch. Unlocking the car retracted the "dead bolt" and the cover would unlatch.

I don't remember reading about this feature in the owners manual - but I read it fairly quickly and did not look for it after I discovered this.

1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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