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Like/Love or not your Crosstour?

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I am 50+ years old and this is the best car I have bought. I have purchased 11 new cars since I got my drivers license and have found the Honda Crosstour above the rest. Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Toyota (Tacoma and still own), Ford, Buick, Chevy and the dreaded Gremlin (actually my Father passed it down to me) are the vehicles thus far bought new. I love how this car handles, interior, drive comfort, exterior (why do folks complain on exterior?) and performance. This as quiet as the Mercedes I replaced with this and handles like a “dream.” What you say?

Glacier Blue 2W-EXL NAV 2,800 miles, K & N air filter, Mobile 1 M1-110 Oil Filter, Malco leather conditioner. Took badging off rear to have cleaner look...used hair dryer to heat and then pealed off "H" and the rest. Just me, I do this on all my vehicles. Easier to wax and clean anyway.
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...On the Crosstour Facebook page it states that sales are somewhat disappointing...
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