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JDM Honda Emblem

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anyone know if these will fit? these fit the coupe and sedan accords, but not sure if out emblems are the same size.
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Interesting. No idea, but I too would love to know.
They should fit, but I think the price is pretty high.

This is a mod that was all the rage about 10 years ago with the "ricers." They had them in ALL kinds of colors too.
i think thats the average prices for the jdm emblems, seemed to be the same price for the civic ones. im not a big fan of anything other than the red ones, pretty unique to have to on a crosstour though.
I was digging around for some Japanese badges, but apparently this is a N. America car only, thought that was kind of strange. All the other regions can get the Accord Wagon still, and it looks pretty good.
r4wd is correct, i heard about the crosstour hitting china, would be really bad ass if they made a type r crosstour hahahahahaha
anyone wanna take quick measurements of their emblems? would be great =) im on vacation so i cant do it :(
Any difference/update

About to push the button on genuine Honda JDM emblems. Site lists set for 2015 Accord Coupe and a separate set for 2015 Accord Sedan. I sent them an email and didn't receive a reply.!year=2015||make=HONDA||model=ACCORD||sxq=JDM

What do you think, any difference between the two?
2015 JDM Steering Wheel Badge

I purchased a JDM emblem, specified for the Accord, as it's tough to find items like this specified for CTs. The one I purchased was high quality, but too large at 54mm by 43mm.

By luck, I found another that measures 50mm by 40mm and I"m pretty sure that will fit. (Time will tell).

Here is a link:

Still wondering what the difference is between the 2015 Coupe and 2015 Sedan JDM badges.
Update: 50 mm by 40mm fits the 2015 CT steering wheel perfectly. (P.S. You don't have to remove the stock emblem; this installs over it).
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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