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I am a very happy crosstour owner

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Hi All,
I have had my silver navi ex-l for a month now. I could not be happier. My learning curve on the navi and handsfree link has been steep. You see I had a 99 Honda Accord EX-L. I am glad that I waited until this car came out. I really wanted and Accord, but I wanted a sporty Accord with technology. Here I am!
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Welcome aboard. I am finding that as I get used to the way the voice control works, I become more impressed with it. For example, you can read just about anything that is on the screen (buttons, menu items, etc.) and the system will recognize what you are saying and act on it. Very clever. No need to memorize specific phrases if you don't want to.
Hey man, welcome to our community. Glad you chose the CT over the Accord. You won't regret it.
It's been pretty good to me, but I think my slight accent affect my voice control for a few features.
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