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Crosstour EXL AWD 2010, my most recent Honda purchase, delivery scheduled for 2/1/2010. I have test driven this car over a weekend as I have long term affair with local Honda dealer. This is my 12th Honda Lease since 1998. Needless to say, I as well as my large family love their Honda's. We have never had any issues on any Honda product!!!!!!!!!!!
I had the opportunity to drive the Vienza, like all Toyota's it was nioisy, and handled poorly, I have yet to drive a Toyota that held a candle to a Honda product from a drivers point of view. Honda has always been more connected to the road, no matter what road your on. My favorite Honda's I have owned are as follows, 2005 S 2000, and 2005 Pilot EXL. Now a new start with the Crosstour. I was very impressed with this car in many ways, quiet, handling, performance, comfort, all were excellent. I have seen a few comments about poor rear visibility, I can't say that is a problem for me as I have been driving for 40 years and have always depended on mirrors. Complaints on design," beauty is in the eye of the beholder" need I say more. I wish Honda would have included rear seat connections for Ipod, PS3, DVD, etc. As hauling the lads around requires more connections. I would have also like to have seen a bit wider tire on the rear and a reclining rear seat. Xenon headlights would also be a nice choice for this car.
Bottom Line on Crosstour or any Honda, show me something better at the same price point and ROI after 3 years. You can't, it does not exist !!!
Everyday is a Happy Honda Day for us!
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