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Curious to know (as I have not seen) if anyone with a CT has done a "proper" HID BiXenon Projector retrofit??

I'm relatively certain i'd go to LightWerkz to have mine done, if I DID -- but I'm looking to see if anyone here has made the plunge?? :cool:

The more I read and THINK about doing a simple Hid upgrade to the low-beams, the more I want to go ALL the way with a full-on PROPER Bi-Xenon projector, and housing.
While I'm in there, I'd likely go with a "tasteful" set of angel Eyes too....but that's yet to be determined and cost WILL be a factor.

This car SHOULD have HID's in the low-beams, at the very least -- singularly THE biggest disappointment with this car, gas mileage not withstanding. :eek:

Let's hear it guys -- who's done MORE than just a simple plug and play low-beam Xenon ADD-IN??

**Incidentally -- I can't help but wonder if the CT's headlamp HOUSING is the same (in size and application) as the Accord COUPE??
Anyone know??

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