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HFL w/Tracfone

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Now don't laugh...I am not a heavy cell phone user. If I use it 10 mins a month that's a lot. I took a chance and bought a Samsung T301G with B/tooth capabilities. It is not on the Honda "approved" list. Cell phone use is forbidden here in NY unless a handsfree device is used.

But, it's up and running with terrific voice quality and reception. The Samsung manual isn't the best, but the Honda manual certainly picked up the slack.

Now I just might be "forced" to use my new setup and get rid of 2000 mins I have accumulated over the years. I hope someone finds this info useful.:D


2010 Crosstour AWD 6cyl White Diamond Pearl
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Hi....I've got the same well but unfortunately, it doesn't upload the phonebook from the phone....but that's OK I guess, since I use mine about as much as you do.
I'll have to have another look and see if I can get it to upload my phone list....It seems that only about a doz. or so would be severely limited?....I mean memory these days is cheap and phone numbers take up next to nothing....
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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