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He has finally arrived!!!

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Our first child, and the light of my life. Cody William was born 6/8/10 at 10:04pm. He weighs 7lbs 7.5oz, and is 21in. long. We should be home in 48 hours!!!!!!!!

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Congratulations! I know how excited you must be.

I skipped children of my own and went straight for grandchildren. I love being able to give her back to her parents at the end of the day!
Congrats to both parents of your new Saint, it's quite obvious that Cody William is in good hands all the best.
Congrats - I love my boy to death - will be 24 in August. That's a great birthdate too - flows really well.
Awww yeahhhhh... and the little bugger gets a lift in your CT. :) Congrats!
He's so cute - must take after his Mother!!

Congratulations. I've loved being a Dad.

And he showed up just in time for Fathers' Day!!!

Saints?? I thought he'd already earned a Boy Scout Merit Badge!
We're Steelers fans, the sAint's suck, it's an LSU hat, he's a tiger fan!
Wow, belated congrats to you all, Ryan. Hope Mom and Cody Willian are doing well.:D
Congratulations! Time to rush out and get a baby seat for the crosstour. :)
Everyone's doing great, he's a blast, and he's growing so fast. He'll be 7 weeks tuesday and has to wear 3-6mos clothes, he's too tall for the 0-3mos stuff lol
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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