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Happy New Year All!

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Hope 2011 is a great one for everybody. And a thanks to our Moderators for giving their time and helping to make this a great forum.
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Happy New Year!

I'm looking forward to what 2011 brings... my first anniversary, renovations for the house, upgrades to the car... should be fun!
And a Happy New Year to you, A.D.! And there's no need to suck up to Ian, even if he doesn't know everything and makes bad jokes! LOL:DLOL
Happy New Year to all and Hoping you all get a big fat Tax Refund Check.

Do you Canadians get refund checks? :confused:
All the best to everyone in 2011.

I'm mad late lol disappeared for a while but I'm back... Happy New Year to all! Hopefully my car will look sicker by 2012 lol...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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