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Getting the real scoop

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I really like these forums. You get the straight scoop from actual owners.
My CT is 2 weeks old and 4,000 miles already. I put on 45,000 a year for work.

My first big question. How does the CT handle in heavy snow conditions? Any of our Canadian friends or snow country USA friends care to share?
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well' winter just start i'm sure you will hear more between the 2FD/4WD
Got my 4WD in July and expecting it to perform well this winter, tho we won't have any snow to speak of until well into December or Jan.

Just my 02 on winter driving conditions a lot of drivers get over confident because they have 4wd,AWD,ESC,VSA,ABS,winter tires and etc. In this neck of the woods I am firm believer of winter tires.
if only i remembered how it handled in the snow. i picked my ct up and had a huge snow storm the same day. terrible memory.
snowed today. my car gets parked outside over night because my parents cars are parked in the garage. Doors were like iced shut :( my right HID headlight didnt work. So sad today. but managed to get to school :D.

When my tires spin my traction control button lights up... is that suppose to happened? and why

Yes it's normal for the VSA to light up and blink with wheel slipage, same thing on my past Honda's 06 Ridgeline and 08 Accord. It's telling you to reduce the lead in your foot.
does that mean the abs is kicking in?
Yeah, it's jsut to let you know it's working so you don't think the car is jsut dying out on you.
does that mean the abs is kicking in?
The VSA light flashing indicates that the VSA system has kicked in. It's to let you know why the driving dynamics have changed and that the road conditions are not compatible with the way you are driving.

The ABS system is unrelated to VSA.


I incorrectly used "VSC" instead of the correct "VSA."

VSA & ABS it does this by regulating the the engines output and selectively applying the brakes, page 311 OM.
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