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Front Tweeters unbearable.

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I just picked up my new Crosstour yesterday and I've found the front tweeters to be unbearably harsh.

I had to turn down the high range almost nothing just to get things to even out.

Here are my audio settings just to get things to sound "normal":

I know that there have been complaints of the rear speakers lacking... but has anyone else experienced this tweeter phenomenon?

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Tweets are alright here (for my ears anyway).....but the lack of mid control is an issue tho.
Our systems are middle of the road Honda and nothing more.

For a 'phile it's not much, but better than some. My Mark L. in the Lex blows this away but I can stand it.:)

I don't find the system lacking, but then I also don't expect much considering I am in a car. I definitely don't find the highs to be shrill, however. The way you have your settings, I would feel like I was listening to music pumped through mud.
I'm fairly pleased with the audio system in the CT....I've got my settings totally flat...

I'm really just looking to mimic the sound I'm used to listening through my iPod (with flat EQ settings) and my previous car (with flat EQ settings) and I've had to turn the high end all the way down in the Crosstour to achieve it.

I don't recall the other Crosstours I test drove to be like this.

I may have to take a cd and compare audio with other CTs on the lot.
I agree with the tweeter problem. I think the speakers are fine but need some sort of crossover installed. I tested mine by putting duct tape over them and found a big improvent in the sound. (its was a test, and I took the duct tape off....)

The rear speaker problem is a bit odd. Its almost like they are underpowered compared to the front. By using the fader (way more rear fade than any car I have ever owned, including custom stereo installs) and trying to center the sound, they dont sound that bad. Not sure what the answer is on those......
Has nothing to do with the tweeters, I think. Even with the sound all the way to the rear and the treble all the way down there is a terrible high frequency. It's so bad I get tinnitus (ringing in the ears) even at normal listening volumes. If I ignore it I get a headache. Went to the dealership, they replaced my tweeters, apparently they were blown. Thought that would fix the problem. It didn't. If anything the hands free link is even worse with the ringing feedback noise because it has fresh tweeters up front. Now I know why they were blown. They are so over-driven with high pitched sound. I spoke to the top guy at the dealership and we listened to another CT. Same thing. I should have leased, not bought. Should have just gone with Ford. I can't afford to put some fancy new stereo in this thing. If I did it would probably wouldn't be compatible with the Navi.

The stereo is worse than junk, it's unusable, possibly even hazardous. I think I may look into some sort of consumer protection org. See if this stereo actually poses a health hazard to the ears at normal volumes. Unfortunately the lemon law probably doesn't apply to car audio systems. I would love to get a full refund.

I bought the car to replace my pickup truck because it has a back seat. My wife is due on Christmas and I wanted something I could safely carry the kid in. I couldn't imagine playing music for my kid and subjecting him/her (it's going to be a surprise) to this torture. Although I probably wouldn't because I don't (can't) even listen to the stereo anymore. I can't take the headaches and tinnitus, not to mention how angry I get when this happens. This has COMPLETELY ruined the experience of buying my first new (and first foreign) car.
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Following up.

I have since leveled out my car's EQ settings and things sound absolutely fine.

Perhaps there is some truth to "burn in" time for speakers?
Love mine and it works great. I do not have a tweeter problem and although I do not hear much from the back, my kids in the back seat hear the music just fine without turning it up where I am uncomfortable up front.
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