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FCW, LDW, stability, abs lights came on all of a sudden

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Sitting in line waiting to get a coffee and the FCW, LDW, stabilility and ABS lights came on... car still ran fine, but would like to get this taken care of. Prefer to do my own work if possible, but know my limitations.. Any suggestions? I've read some of the battery / connection / alternator answers... couldn't really tell if those took care of it or not.. Will appreciate guidance.
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Checked battery and alternator,, both are good. Since the check engine light is not on, Autozone couldn't check on codes. I still have, intermittently the light coming on cause by the box assembly sub-relay many have discussed on this forum.
Just in the last few days, I've noticed when I let off the gas, it continues to run about 1,200 rpm,, sort of like a cruise control. So I can let off gas and coast at about 30 mph for quite a distance compared to normal. I think I'm going to have to break down and take to a shop. Seems like some type of electrical issue.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts